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School Supply Program

Millions of children currently live in households where the family must choose between purchasing food or school supplies. A quality education can help end the cycle of poverty we help children access the supplies they need. Through the Integrated Education Support Program, we provide families in need with essential school supplies, such as books, pencils, paper and erasers so that the children can focus on learning and growing.

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Job Readiness

Searching for a job can be daunting and time consuming. When you do not have the right resources it is even more difficult. We help individuals with all aspects of their job search, from writing job applications and resumes, to providing referrals and preparation for job interviews. We also assist with transportation to and from job interviews, as well as finding professional work attire. Most importantly, we provide emotional support for job seekers so they feel less alone. Together, we can make a change.

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Family Support

Every person, and every family deserves to have their basic needs met. Low income families are often forced to choose between purchasing household basics and food. We provide families with essential household items to ease their economic burden. We provide struggling families with items such as kitchen utensils, bicycles, and basic electronic equipment so they do not have to choose.

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We want to live in communities that support and care for each other. But our communities are diverse, with issues affecting individuals and families on different levels. We advocate for the many issues affecting families and individuals in our community, from helping women in vulnerable situations, to supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community, and ensuring local resources reach the right people.

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