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In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic turned New York City upside down and claimed thousands of lives. A group of concerned citizens led by Ikem Ugochikwue united to source materials to make face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep frontline workers safe. They later donated PPE to Queens Hospital Center and Elmhurst Hospital Center to protect staff, and offered food delivery services to help families impacted by the pandemic. 

As the project grew the citizens established Goodness People, Inc. as a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote acts of goodness for community transformation. The goal was creating a healthy, safe, and sustainable community where everyone is happy to live.

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Supporting New York Families in Need

We believe that a bit of goodness can go a long way in transforming and impacting lives. We at Goodness People are committed to helping families in need across New York state by providing essential items and resources for low-income families so they can focus their efforts on creating safe and healthy environments.

Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty

The effects of income inequality in the U.S. are devastating and disproportionately affect minority groups and women. When parents live in poverty, their children are more likely to grow up to be poor. Thus, economic instability causes generational poverty. By giving low-income families in need resources to escape poverty, we can help them focus more on providing a healthy and sustainable life for their whole family. We can break the cycle of poverty together.

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Resources for Low Income Families

We have several programs to support families in need. Our Integrated Education Program provides children with essential school supplies such as books, pencils, paper and erasers, so they can focus on educational achievement to help end the cycle of poverty. We also help families by providing household essentials such as kitchen utensils, bicycles, and everyday home electronic equipment. Our Job Ready Program helps workers secure stable and fulfilling jobs by supporting all aspects of their job search including interview preparation and transportation. Learn more about our programs and how you can be part of our shared purpose on our Causes page.  


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