Goodness People

Helping families in need, with no strings attached

Spreading Goodness

Goodness People was born out of one simple, yet powerful, idea: giving with no strings attached. We believe through acts of goodness, we can help families thrive. Goodness comes first. When we live up to that, we can build prosperous and harmonious communities.

Our Mission

Promote acts of goodness and create a healthy, safe and sustainable community where everyone is happy to live

Our Vision

Our vision is to support our communities through the act of goodness.

How We Help

Transform Our Communities

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Keep Families Safe

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Provide Sustainable Solutions

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Supporting Families in Need

At Goodness People we are committed to helping families in need across New York state. We provide essential items and resources for low-income families so that they can focus their efforts on creating safe and healthy environments.

Join the Movement of Good People

Together with our partners and donors, we provide families in need with tools to lift themselves out of poverty. For over three years we have helped families from all walks of life including veterans, families with disabilities, single parent families, and the LGBTQ+ community. We do not plan on stopping anytime soon. We have witnessed first-hand how the power of goodness can change lives and communities for the better. Join us and help us do good deeds for our collective greater good.

Our Partners and Donors

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